_Isla Rhizolith wins AIANY Design Merit Award

Proud to announce that APTUM received an #AIANYDesignAwards for Isla Rhizolith! We are humbled to be in such a distinguished group of amazing designers. Thank you to CEMEX CRG for such hard work and dedication to the project! Special thanks to Davide Zampini and Alex Guerini!

_Aptum LA UT Workshop 4th and 5th of March 2016

The workshop explores digital  representation techniques through tectonic interventions that interface between architecture, landscape and ecologies; speculating on new formal and spatial relationships. The workshop will culminate in a roundtable pin-up and discussion of the work.

_2015 ACSA Fall Conference in Architect's Newspaper

See Matt Shaw's article in the Architect's Newpaper on the final debate between Architects and deans Michael Speaks, Hernan Diaz Alonso, Amale Andraos, and Brett Steele, in respons to Patrik Schumacher's criticisms of the Chicago Biennial. 

_Thinness on Bustler

The progress of the Thinness Pavilion is featured on Bustler.

_Thinness presentation at Production Sites Symposium in Sydney Australia!

We are presenting our collaborations with Cemex Concrete at 'Production Sites' in Sydney Australia next week!


The title of the paper is 'Sites of Production'.