Stalactite, a type of formation that hangs from the ceiling of caves, is the conceptual basis for the design of the warming hut. The stalactites become the generator for the space with four significant forms stretching down into the middle of the space and twelve columns coming down to form multiple entries into the space. 

The stalactite / stalagmite columns form a series of archways around the perimeter to create some protection from wind. Ice skaters can skate right through the portals on two of the sides - some entries more suited for adults and other only tall enough for the kids! The fluid space generates a warm threshold between outside and inside with light glowing on the ground and onto the ice.  The stalactites also function as the ‘warming device’ so that ice skaters can come inside, sit, and warm up by the oil lamps. The stalactites are carved away in the middle to house glass tubes with an oil lamp at the bottom. Wire cages ‘complete’ the stalactite’s bottom edge to protect patrons from getting too close to the warm tubes. Patrons can sit on the stretched out columns, get warm and enjoy the light affect on the ceiling and surfaces of the space.

The entire construct is built of CNC milled corrugated cardboard. From a distance, the hut would be a beacon of light with the warm glow radiating through the ‘translucent’ cardboard layers. The hut starts to use the material and structure to create a play between being transparent in one direction and solid in the other.

_The Forks Warming Hut Competition 2014