_Setting Out Lines

Setting Out Lines was a collaboration between faculty and students for a Faculty Exhibition. It was a one-weekend adventure and stayed under the budget of only $200. Setting out lines of the office space are established from the original grid of the architecture building which is seemingly arbitrary given the inconsistency with which it is followed; deviations in the grid stem from altered programmatic use. Currently, offices and studios throughout the building are isolated from each other, which allows for little interaction. The office attempts to address this via shifting to the main atrium to encourage interaction among all faculty and students. With a series of strings, archeologists use a grid to organize the site, certain the origin of the excavated fragments can be precisely located as they once were positioned in the ground. And with strings, the project forms a weaving of constructed logic and a tectonic expression that embodies the very nature of inter-connectivity.

_In collaboration with UIUC Students and Faculty member, Stewart Hicks, 2009