_Park Place Condo

The renovation of Park Place Condo was bought site unseen, knowing it would be a complete make-over. There were limitations to what could be altered because it is a unit within a larger complex but the goal was to open up the 1,200 SF as much as possible. The first consideration was the light quality. The entry and kitchen were oriented to the south, the living room and bedrooms to the north. To bring more light into the living area, the kitchen wall was taken away and the counter space expanded. The two south windows were different types and shapes so to unify the back wall, the window 'trim' for both windows was re-conceived as FAT (Figural, Alterable, Translucent) Frames. We took the traditional notion of wood trim and expanded the frame to accommodate spice and wine shelves and a hidden screening device. 

The second concern was expanding the kitchen area into the living and dining area to open the space. Custom shelving expands the kitchen to the dining area adjacent. The concrete counter tops were custom designed and built to double surface area and create a more open connection to the living and dining area. Instead of traditional steel reinforcement, the concrete counter tops were built with fiber reinforcement. 

The longer term goal was to open up the living room into the second bedroom to gain more light in the far corner. The second bedroom was going to work as an office area that could be closed off when needed.