The Arbon Sportshalle Competition was situated and held in Arbon, Switzerland. We received 6th Place, and an award of $14,000. There was a total of about 70 architecture firms that entered the competition. 

Most competitions bided out in Switzerland are under the assumption that the project will get materialized once a jury has chosen a project and a community votes for the project to move forward. This is comparable to an RFP. The basis for the design of this project was three-fold: the urban situation, a structural logic, and a relationship of structure and skin to the exterior.

The discourse on the structure was guided by a discussion on Rudolf Schwarz's understanding of the condition formed between space enclosure and structural expression of the wall as well as the interaction between the public space surrounding the building and the activities inside.

The structure of the building is made out of in situ concrete. The use of Vierendeel trusses to span the gym allows to use the structural height of the span to be used for additional skylights.

_6th Place ($14,000 Award) The Arbon Sportshalle, Arbon, Switzerland, 2009