"Findling" is the German word for erratic block. The German word stems from 'finden' - to find. Just as a 'Findling' the proposed archive for the city of Luzern sits in the landscape. From the outside it appears as a hermetic block that protects its inner content. Like an erratic block it hides its main contents in the protective layer of the ground. The public can only access a public library on the top floor. The building is accessed through a courtyard that reorients the visitor and slowly disconnects him from the outside world. Once inside only a large window in the entrance hall reveals a panorama over the city of Luzern.   

In reference to the 'Findling' the building is constructed of a load bearing in situ concrete structure that reveals itself in the interior. The outside is clad with prefabricated steel and concrete panels. The massive concrete construction helps to mediate the interior climate of the building  through its energy storage capacity. The inner courtyard serves for a controlled cross ventilation. Acoustic panels that are embedded in the extended window frames and between the concrete rafters create an adequate acoustic environment in the library (see image above) and office areas on the first floor.  

_City Archive Competition, Luzern, Switzerland, 2011