_[Bio]Mass Production

Today, many North American cities can be described as ‘thin carpets of habitation’ held together by a ‘green’ matrix. But not all landscapes are created equal in their ecological performance. Utilizing a technology that is as yet underutilized in the United States – [BIO]MASS PRODUCTION uses a field of seed impregnated, bio-blankets to expand the geography and efficacy of the architectural object through popular lifestyle pursuits of shopping and gardening. The objects proliferate and the field expands statewide through Georgia.  

Rooted in an ecological understanding of the contemporary metropolis, [BIO]MASS PRODUCTION proposes an architectural intervention that increases biodiversity in the area through the creation of ‘do-it-yourself ecosystems.’ Three ‘shelves’ house three types of geo-textile ‘bio-blankets’ that are rolled up to take home. Bio-blankets can be deployed in various locations and configured in multiple ways on any residential site.

[Bio]mass production assembly grew from the individual element - the bio-blanket. The prefabrication process off site was made as three shelves and used as frames to create a false work for a layering of cardboard tubes that held the bio-blankets. Over the length of the week, visitor presence is INDEXED by the increasing transparency through the structure as bio-blankets are removed from the site and re-deployed across the city. 

_Atlanta 10UP Competition, 2011
 In collaboration with Landscape Intelligence | Gale Fulton