_Architecture of Crisis

The Architecture of Crisis Solo Exhibition, located at the I-Space Gallery in Chicago ran from November 19 - December 20th. The exhibit speculates on the connection between the housing crisis of 2008 to the material reality of typical American construction. The exhibition argues that the common construction practices were one of the main causes for the crisis. The architectural speculations test the norms of suburban construction and utilize them for more resilient social and economic demands. 

Three suspended boxes made of - vinyl, roof shingles, and roof trusses - serve as apertures to frame views within speculative panoramas. Spatial narratives throughout the exhibition speculate on the potential of the reclaimed materials found within the 22 million homes. Strategically placed binoculars allow visitors to participate in the panoramas and immerse themselves in the scenes of each ecological story.

_Solo Exhibition, I-Space Gallery, Chicago, Illinois, 2009