The space was made possible through a donation to reconsider how we teach architecture in the 21st Century Design Studio. The aim of this project was to explore the relationship between a structural framework of small aggregated modules and an overall skin for a wall mounted panel. The wall is the main entry to a new ‘fabrication and technology’ learning environment, the Einhorn Studio, located in Slocum Hall of Syracuse University School of Architecture. 

We wanted to explore ways to replicate a simple module and move it across a surface to imitate a digi-fab / computer generated surface but allow for analog alterations to create  a surface with contradictory elements. The final result was a version with embedded inconsistencies. By using a bitmap of a set of shifted lines, the grid deformed the surface into irregular patterns. The apparent grid is still readable but the anomalies within the surface take it beyond the digital and into the analog. 

An overlay of mediums, methods, and making.